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Ecological and safe spunbond is a good replacement for expensive analogues (burlap, calico, linen, muslin). 

Its quality characteristics and technical indicators are unique, as the mi-croporous material is made of polymer using modern technology. The thin-nest polypropylene fibers are connected by thermal bonding method in-creasing the strength of spunbond.

The material is used in various fields from logistics to medicine. Non-woven products are practical to use, as they are easy to dispose off without harming the environment and humans. 1 - 3 years are enough for decompo-sition of material in natural conditions.

Advantages of geotextiles for the production of hygienic products

The use of spunbond for hygienic purposes is caused by the ability of the material to repel liquid and dirt, to create air exchange. Spunbond products are strong in tension and tear, and the nonwoven composition retains its physical properties being both dry and wet.

Important! Hygienic products are consumables in many service industries, so recycling and environmental impact are vital.

It is allowed to use the material near electrical appliances, as it has low elec-trical conductivity. The light weight of consumable elements from spun-bond simplifies the process of their use and transportation.

The contact with the material does not cause any feeling of discomfort.

Economically justified cost of raw materials becomes an important ad-vantage in terms of the need to operate disposable items in large quantities. No special conditions are required for storage of products, and the term is practically not limited.

Hydrophobic spunbond is available in black and white shades. Additional treatment provides the material with more color, antistatic, antibacterial power, resistance to ultraviolet light.

Spunbond holds its shape, so it does not deform after creasing and wetting. This is an important factor for the production of hygienic products. Spun-bond can be sewn, soldered, dyed and used with various printing formats.

Spunbond from RENDPAСO ECO is a strong, durable and environmental-ly friendly material that is suitable for the manufacture of disposable hy-giene products and consumer goods.

We invite companies and organizations for cooperation. We are sure that the use of spunbond with its unique properties will be useful and profitable for your business!

Unique quality characteristics of spunbond

Durability - abrasion resistant
The fabric is subjected to gluing and chemical treatment
Heat resistance
Density from 15 to 600 g/m2
Resistance to alkalis and acids
Non-toxicity and hypoallergenicity
High degree of environmental friendliness
The RENDPACOECO company makes spunbond for the follow-ing products:

The RENDPACOECO company makes spunbond for the follow-ing products:

  • Disposable bed linen
  • Dressing gowns for cosmetic offices
  • Napkins
  • Underwear, masks, slippers
  • Hygienic means for personal use
  • Covers for headrests and clothes

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