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Lamination on bags


Laminated spunbond bags are characterized by the fact that an advertising image or company logo is applied to an ecological non-woven product. It is a great and effective alternative to short-lived plastic and paper bags. Spunbon lamination is carried out to create representative packaging of goods that are presented during exhibitions, promotions, presentations, etc.

Spunbond bags are economical, made of non-woven material using automated soldering technology. The color picture is applied to the fabric in the form of a film using a laminator, which increases the strength of the product several times. Thanks to this treatment, the bag is protected from external influences and moisture, and its surface becomes shiny.

To make a large edition of laminated bags, the customer provides a layout in accordance with the requirements for images. In the absence of such an opportunity, our specialists will develop a drawing taking into account your wishes and requirements.

Advantages of laminated spunbond products

All spunbond products are durable and durable, keep their shape well. Since the basis of the material is polypropylene, the product is economical and profitable for business. Choosing bags made from environmentally friendly laminated material will be the right decision for a number of reasons:

  • high density (from 30 to 100g/m22);
  • reliable protection against moisture;
  • colorful image on the product;
  • variable design of bags: flat, voluminous, with side inserts and a bottom, with handles in the form of a loop;
  • environmental safety for humans and the environment;
  • withstands temperatures in the range of -55 ... -130 ° С without changing the quality properties.

The cost of spunbond bags depends on the circulation of products (from 1,500,000 units), the size of the logo, the number of selected colors.

Leave a request on the website, and RENDPACO ECO specialists will calculate the total amount of a batch of laminated eco-bags for free.

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