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The use of spunbond, which replaces expensive polyethylene coating, is becoming more widespread on the farm. The material is used in farming ag-ricultural complexes, agriculture, vegetable and fruit garden maintenance societies.

Geotextiles are relevant for the arrangement of greenhouses, protection of trees and shrubs from freezing in winter. Spunbond is suitable for these purposes due to the fact that it is permeable to air and water, while reliably protecting plants from overheating, heavy rainfall, wind, frost to -9оС.

The properties of the canvas, in relation to the penetration of water and light, in combination with its shadow effect create a favorable microclimate for planting and increase the growing season of plants.

Advantages of spunbond from RENDPAСO ECO

Spabond is an environmentally friendly, high-tech, hypoallergenic material consisting of thin threads of polypropylene, which are fastened by heat treatment. In agriculture, a canvas with a density of 15-140 g/m2 is used..

The material is unpretentious and does not require careful care. It can be easily stored until the next use in a dry place, protected from sunlight.

Spabond has shown itself well in the storage of crops and finished products. The material is completely safe, non-toxic, allowed for use and contact with food.

The RENDPAСO ECO company produces and sells white, black, multi-colored material for landscape design, ecological spunbond in segments and rolls of 100-5000 m, prepared for further implementation.

Our specialists are ready to choose the right kind of spunbond for your ag-ricultural purposes.

The covering component of agrotextiles is distin-guished by the necessary characteristics

Light weight that does not damage the stairs
Light and air permeability or impermeability (if necessary)
Thermal insulation prolongs the vegetation of plants, protects them from frost
Environmental friendliness. Spunbond does not rot, does not in-teract with chemicals and fertilizers
The material is non-toxic, so it does not harm the crop
Permeable to moisture and prevents the accumulation of precipi-tation on the surface, unlike polyethylene
Prevention of soil erosion
Plastic, which makes it possible to cover greenhouses of any con-figuration
We produce the following types of spunbond to order:

We produce the following types of spunbond to order:

  • monochromatic foil (reflecting light)
  • black (for soil mulching)
  • white-red or white-black (for heat retention)

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